Friday, February 17, 2012

Pemenang Modifkasi Mio Club Depok ( MCD )

Modification of the motor is one job that will never be devoid of interest. How not to ... every year and even the moon is always a change of trend and style modifications to the motor. start of the new spare parts that came on the market until the discovery of how to modify the engine. 

Not infrequently, sometimes we get confused in choosing the trend in motor modifications that we have, especially matic. there are lots of streams da motor model modifications in the offer. well, here I will try to show the modified motor yamaha mio 2012 that appeared in the contest and has won several champions in a variety of events, hopefully you can be a source of inspiration
Pemenang Modifkasi Mio Club Depok ( MCD )  
Full Custom Mio 2012 results Appear in the contest commemorating the Birthday Club Mio Depok (MCD)
  • specification modif:
  • Tires 120/14 front
  • 140/14 rear tire
  • double rear Disc Brake Disc right - left
  • All original body in exchange for full custom
  • Brembo crangkas cover
  • Consul Boxes
  • custom mirrors
  • cover hubcaps
  • adjustable handle


Monday, November 14, 2011

Yamaha Xeon Stylis Sticker Modification

Modified Yamaha Xeon Stylis Sticker is the work of MadeAmbhara. He is a senior modifier to the region of Bali. These modifications have won the contest in its class, the Contes in the city of Bali,  4/2011.

On this bike modification, replacement handlebar with a Yamaha X1R which makes it must compete in an advanced fashion. Because if it's changed the handlebars or front light can no longer play in a standard fashion class even though other parts of the body is still like the original.

Modified Yamaha Xeon Stylis Sticker will also look more unique and interesting at night. Why? "That's because I also bet the lights at some point," said Made Ambhara. In addition to that already use headlights projector, the body also planted blizt lights. This light will blink so interesting. The light is also quite light and does not dazzle.
Yamaha Xeon Stylis Sticker Modification

Data Modification
Front tire: 90/80-14 FDR
Rear tire: 110/80-14 FDR
Sok back: YSS
Exhaust: Yamaha Byson


Yamaha V-ixion Full Fairing Modification

Not a few men who like sport bikes or sport bikes more priority than other types of motors, maybe it's because they feel more manly when riding a motor sport is. But what happens if the motor is less sporty?, Well ... the only way is to modify.

before making modifications to our favorite motorcycle of course a lot of things we need to know before, ranging from electrical methods, speed racing, body, light / speedometer / clutch / handlebar / keys / plugs / Footstep, exhaust, Modified Gear Ratio, Alarm / horn modifications to the general accesories. Well... if it was all we understand is needed next is a brilliant creations for your favorite bike modification in order to become more powerful and attractive when viewed.

For Those Who Are of you looking for inspiration on how to modify the Yamaha V-Ixion, you can see and value themselves midifikasi pictures below.
Yamaha V-ixion Full Fairing Modification
Yamaha V-ixion Full Fairing Modification

Yamaha V-ixion Modification

Yamaha V-ixion Ala R6 Modification

Motor: 2009 Yamaha V-ixion.
Body Full Set: Galvanized Plate, 0.8 mm.
Headlights: Minerva.
Rear lights: Yamaha Jupiter Z
Swing Arm: Kwagen Custom Products.
Exhaust: Custom Products Kwagen.
Future Shock: Up side Down Aprilia RS. 125.
Front and Rear wheels: Aprilia RS. 125.
Tires Front: Deli Tire Swallow 10/80/70/17.
Rear Tires: 130/70/17 IRC.
Foot Pag: Yoshimura
Workshop Modifications: Custom Tauco


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Honda New Megapro Full Fairing Modification

New Honda Megapro Full Fairing here look perfect with the HRC sticker custom bike design modifications, you can see the big banana swing arm modification. The Modification also has designed in the modification of motor racing monoshock and Moto GP custom bodies. When you are driving on the road Will you feel the atmosphere Moto GP That Because of the design is applied to this custom motorcycle.
Megapro  Full Fairing ModificationModified Honda Moto GP Megapro That Is created with a full sports fairing fiberglass modifications give the impression at the new sports motorcycle show. At the right side of this Honda Moto GP Megapro fairing right side, there is a custom motorcycle exhaust modifications Yoshimura That give the best sound engine at this Honda Mega Pro.

For Those Who Are of you looking for inspiration on how to modify the new mega pro with Full Fairing, below is a picture other modifications
Honda New Megapro Full Fairing Modification


Yamaha Byson Full Fairing Modification

If you want to modify Yamaha Byson With Full Fairing there are a few things into consideration, in terms of cost would be very expensive, but this is not about cost, modify Yamaha Byson With Full Fairing is a matter of taste, satisfaction can not be replaced with money.

The first is a matter for consideration is the replacement of the standard handlebar into the handlebar clamp and standard mirrors also have to be replaced, because the mirror holder mounted Fairing After will include a body fairing.
Yamaha Byson Full Fairing Modification Yamaha Byson Green Full Fairing

The range of costs that must be provided if you want to modify YamahaByson With Full Fairing may vary depending on the workshop where we will make modifications. As an illustration and reference that I read from a leading magazine brands AMS offers a price of USD 2.5 million for materials made ​​from Fiberglass Fairing quality and equipment such as mirrors, headlamp and windshield types imported from the country of origin ie India Yamaha Fazer.


Modifikasi Ringan yamaha Byson

Yamaha Byson is a target market is young people who always want to look fashionable. without the modification, the actual look of yamaha Byson is already looking good, but of course humans, would always want something different. Therefore, many people modify it.

For those of you who are looking for inspiration on how to modify the Yamaha Byson, minimalist touches designed by Lent Automidified (LA) from Probolinggo, East Java, this could be considered.
yamaha Byson modificationModifikasi Ringan yamaha Byson

Modifikasi Yamaha Byson
Data Modification:
  • Front tire: 120/70-17 Bridgestone
  • Rear tire: 160/60-17 Bridgestone
  • Front disc: Ninja 250R
  • Rear disc: Ninja 250R
  • Stop lamp: Custom
  • Chain: RK Gold
  • Front fender: Custom
  • Rear fender: Custom
more detail please contact LA: 0813-3211-1248


Monday, March 7, 2011

Gambar Ducati Monster MotoGP 2011, Edisi Rossi dan Hayden

Ducati Monster MotoGP 2011Ducati has its own way to support both riders Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden in MotoGP event in 2011, namely by launching moge Monster 796. Although older models, the second motorcycle was looked fresh as it gets a touch of style graphics MotoGP Desmosedici GP11.

The main difference from the standard model, of course, from the graphic design on his body. Touch of two straight white lines, yellow color typical of Rossi, including his lucky number 46 painted on the tank motors. As for the other part, practically no change whatsoever.

Ducati also sell these additional accessories separately, consisting of tanks with special striping, micro-bikini fairing, single-seat cover and front mudguard. All these parts can be applied directly to the motor without any changes within 10 minutes. Both packages are available for all models of monsters ranging from type 696, 796, 1100, 1100S and Monster 1100EVO.
Ducati Monster MotoGP 2011Gambar Ducati Monster MotoGP 2011