Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gambar Honda New MegaPro 2010

Honda New MegaPro gasoline tank design uses the latest hi-mount-style tanks, which make an appearance in New MegaPro more manly with the form lines are fused with advanced Shroud. Hip-style seat double-ups will add to the rider more comfortable when driving. By applying feature monoshock adjustable using two springs on the bottom of the system. New rear springs adjustable MegaPro hard or soft as needed.

Honda New MegaPro Gambar Honda New MegaPro

Honda New MegaPro

Honda New MegaPro have been equipped with new engines Responsive X-tra Performance Engine (Engine XRP) 150 cc, 4 stroke, SOHC, 5 x acceleration. XRP Engine Machine claimed fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. XRP Engine has been using low-friction parts such as piston-textured, roller rocker arm, and crankshaft bearing which serves to reduce friction, so the engine becomes more fuel efficient.

For those interested to have a New MegaPro or interested in the Revo Matic there are two variants of New MegaPro options offered by AHM as a producer of Honda motorcycles in Indonesia. Ie type rim radius (spoke wheel / SW) with a tag of Rp 18, 3 million, or who use racing rims (casting Wheel / CW) were sold at Rp 19, 5 million

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